"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!"

About the Artist

Monte Wilson - WilsonArtMedia
1940's ID
Monte Wilson (WilsonArtMedia) has created visual daydreams in a multitude of media since he was old enough to push a pencil. While working on his art degree with a focus on graphic design, he developed a passion for photography. Sparked by several recent years of stage, television and film work as art director, still photographer, set designer or actor, he sought to transfer his creative talent honed for nearly three decades as a photographer and graphic designer to the realm of moving pictures - film and video. With his creative style, he challenges himself and the people with whom he works. Monte puts his unique spin on each project he encounters, while continuing to create his passionate perceptions of life.

Please visit the portfolio page to see some of the favorite images from a selection of his works.

If you have any questions about Monte's work, or would like to talk to him about working together, please get in touch using the "CONTACT" link.


WilsonArtMedia offers a variety of services including: Photography, Production Design, Set Design, Graphic Design and Event Design.

Photography and Design  

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